FESI 2019

Join us for the Faculty of Education Summer Institute 2019

Dismantling the Barriers: Relationships, Solidarity and Movement Building

The 2019 FESI/RSEKN conference will challenge and question the canons that have become embedded in the educational landscapes within the context of political, pedagogical and systems approaches to teaching and learning practices. In particular, we will critically assess the relationships between current practices student access, engagement, achievement and well-being, both historically and presently.

Guiding Question for Day 1- What is the past and present history of colonial education in Canada? How do we identify and dismantle the barriers that prevent access, opportunity and outcomes for Indigenous, racialized and marginalized students?

Guiding Question for Day 2- How might we create the conditions for systemic transformation? How might we enact these changes? How might we envision transformative systems towards these ends? 

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